Adobe Acrobat Pro

Mention the acronym PDF (portable document format) in any modern office, and most everyone will have heard of it, but not really be sure what PDF files are or where they come from. Bring up editing PDFs, and you are sure to hear a lot of complaints. These classes introduce the advanced functionality of Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe LiveCycle Designer, and insure you get the most out of your software investment.

Adobe Acrobat Pro: Fundamentals (Level 1)

Attendees will quickly learn the ins and outs of creating portable documents using multiple software packages. Common examples include all of Microsoft Office, and can include other packages such as Adobe InDesign or Adobe Photoshop upon request. Once past the creation of the PDF, attention will be paid to important topics such as how to edit an existing PDF, password protection and adding content like watermarks and headers/footers.

Adobe Acrobat Pro: Forms (Level 2)

The ability to request information from users and export it in a usable form is critical to the functioning of modern government. Attendees will learn the methods to create a form in Microsoft Word, convert it to a PDF with multiple options, and then collect information using Adobe Acrobat Pro’s built in form data tools. All forms created will allow the user to save data on their computer, as well as return it to the requesting agent. Form elements discussed include option buttons, text boxes, check boxes and drop downs. Attendees will also learn how to create buttons with functionality such as Print, Save or Email.

Adobe LiveCycle Designer: Forms (Level 3)

If you or your agency are ready to move your forms to the next level, then you want to learn about Adobe LiveCycle Designer. This supplemental software allows you to create forms with Adobe Acrobat Pro features, but also includes features not offered in the base product. Advanced features taught in this class include expandable fields and pages, hiding and showing optional fields based on input, calculating values with JavaScript and FormCalc code.