Technical Assistance

The Institute has provided customized technical assistance to state and local governments for over thirty years.  Local governments often need help solving problems or redesigning programs and processes.  To that end, our Institute is pleased to provide customized technical assistance in a variety of critical areas.  The Institute calls upon consultants with the expertise and background to serve as an appropriate match to the local government’s specific requirements.  We are eager to talk to you about the benefits and cost savings these projects can provide to your organization.  Here are a few examples of areas in which our Institute can provide technical assistance:

  • Calibrate Budget, Workforce and Management Processes
  • Conference Planning and Events Management
  • Customized Instructional Design
  • Facilitation Services
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Knowledge by Learning
  • Landscape Management, Arboricultural and Public Grounds Maintenance
  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Needs Assessments/Program Evaluation
  • Performance Management/Operational Effectivenss
  • Process Improvement and Mapping
  • Project Management
  • Public Records Management and Implementation
  • Strategic Planning/Visioning
  • Succession Management Planning
  • Wage and Pay Classification
  • WIN – Workforce Innovations – Problem Solving Methodology

The topics described above are only a sample of the technical assistance services available through the Institute.  All of our consultants are highly qualified and provide top notch services at a reasonable cost.  Please contact us if you are looking for customized technical assistance provided by experienced professionals.